What is an ICPC Home Study?

An ICPC Home Study gets its name from the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC), which has been adopted by the State of Texas. The ICPC governs how, when, and why a child may be placed across state lines. An ICPC Home Study is an assessment of the home of a prospective placement for the purposes of placing a child across state lines.

In the context of a CPS suit, an ICPC Home Study typically occurs when Texas identifies a family member that lives in another state and would like to have the child placed with them. The ICPC Home Study process is designed to be quick (less than 60 days), but there are many circumstances in which it takes much longer than that. Documents must be compiled and sent from one state to another, and sometimes the prospective placement is required to conduct training or get certified to become foster parents.

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