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Located in Waco, we provide robust family law services throughout Central Texas.


Located in Waco, the team of Family Law Attorneys at Naman, Howell, Smith & Lee, PLLC have been solving complex family law matters for decades.

Our services include:


We handle both the simple and complex. Our team has the experience needed to handle divorces that are complicated by children, business entities, or trusts.

Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship

A suit affecting the parent-child relationship, also known as a SAPCR, may including adjudication of paternity, custody disputes, enforcement issues, modifications, and child support.


Adoptions are always a joyful occasion. An adoption may be domestic, international, or through child-protective services (CPS). Sometimes, adoptions are complicated by Native American tribal laws and rights. Simple or complex–we handle all types of adoptions.

Premarital and Marital Agreement

Many future issues can be avoided with proper planning and agreement. We routinely assist couples with legal advice and document drafting for agreements before or during marriage.

Interstate Jurisdictional Disputes

Divorce and child custody disputes across state lines are complicated. Jurisdictional issue regarding property, children, and support are fact-driven issues that are critical to determining the final results of a lawsuit. Our team of experienced family law attorneys know the law and can help you when disputes arise across state lines.

Child support

Child support is a common point of contention between parents. Child support obligations are often ignored and the one parent may need to resort to an enforcement action to get the other parent to pay. Other times, child support may need to be modificed based on a change of circumstances of a parent or the child.

Foster Parent Interventions, Grandparent Interventions

Caregivers often know the children best. When the caregiver is not the parent, it is often critical to have the current caregiver of the child have a voice in court when the child’s future is on the line. Foster parent interventions, grandparent interventions, or other caregiver interventions can be complicated and contentious. But the child is worth it.

Child Protective Services (CPS)

CPS is a powerful governmental agency that can permanently alter your family. When CPS takes legal action to protect a child, an experience and trusted family law attorney can make a world of difference. Our law firm has experience in CPS litigation defense, defense of allegation of abuse or neglect, intervention in CPS suits by relatives or foster parents, and adoptions of children from CPS conservatorship.

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